About DSIL FabLearn Lab in Bangkok

Darunsikkhalai School for Innovative Learning

The first FabLearn Lab in Thailand opened in January, 2013 at the Darunsikkhalai School for Innovative Learning, is one of the most innovative constructivist schools in the world. It provides a new learning hub for science, engineering and mathematics learning in K-12 school and is fully equipped with cutting edge digital fabrication tools.

The FabLab concept was created by Prof. Neil Gershenfeld at MIT. A FabLab is a low-cost digital workshop where you can “make almost anything.” While the adult Fablab is mainly focused on entrepreneurship and product design, the FabLearn Lab concept by Prof. Paulo Blikstein at Stanford University is a new kind of fabrication lab especially designed for schools and children to investigate, explore, and express science and mathematics from making things following the students’ interest.

“We want children to come to school thinking, ‘What am I going to invent today?’
They need to understand that they can express themselves through science, math and engineering –and not only memorize formulas”

– Dr. Paulo Blikstein, 2013 –

DSIL FabLearn Lab DSIL FabLearn Lab, the first FabLearn Lab in school in Thailand, has integrated this new learning environment to its Constructionist project based learning model. DSIL is a 12 year pilot (K-12) school that aims to provide a Constructionist learning environment. Here the students can pursue projects they are interested in and have real hands on learning experiences- alternate to conventional classroom methods. The innovative learning space is designed to be equipped with cutting edge making technology such as the 3D printer, vinyl cutter, laser cutter, etc., at the same time provide material flexibility, low cost implementation and cost of materials. Students also have access to materials for Scientific Investigation Technology such as microcontrollers and sensors. Overall this creates an explorative learning environment, suitable for a ‘makers’ approach to math and science.